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We liked this bottle so much, we put our name on it!
Clean Bottle. The water bottle, reimagined. Two caps are better than one. BYC likes Clean Bottle because you can remove the bottom cap as well as the top for better cleaning. No more trying to reach that gunk at the bottom. ewe!

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We are always on the lookout for new products that we like and recommend. Below are a few of our favs.

Director James Vaughn directs this documentary about two regular guys who decide to make changes to their diet and exercise habits. Do they have what it takes to commit to these changes? Watch on Amazon Prime

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Read about how he got started in juicing and veganism. Learn great tips on what types of juicers to buy, juice to make and his top DC vegan places to eat! Jimmy Vegan Blog

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Director Jimmy Vaughn is back with a delicious documentary: Fast Food Vegan. He takes on a 30 day vegan challenge, from eating at home to options on the go. Are you ready to see why people are deciding to go vegan? Watch on Amazon Prime

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